Be What You Want to See

Be What You Want to See

Do you have goals, dreams and aspirations? Are you working hard on the path to achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations? Have you arrived at your destination yet? Do you visualize what “arriving” will look like?

Part of the process of making progress in life is becoming the progress that we want to see. I believe that progressing isn’t like achieving a goal and receiving the “Achievement Award” that suddenly transforms us into that which we seek to be (author, musician, songwriter, painter, business owner or whathaveyou). I believe that by doing the work to accomplish our goals we become the thing that we seek to be. If you are writing music then you are a songwriter. If you are writing a book then you are an author. If you are training for a race you are an athlete. If you practice an instrument then you are a musician.

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The accomplishing of goals makes you accomplished in your field but it is the work that you put into achieving your goals that makes you what you are. 

Don’t wait to release your album to allow yourself to be a songwriter, producer or performer. Don’t wait to consider yourself a business owner until after you (maybe) turn a profit. Approach your work with the intention of being what it is you are trying to accomplish. Bricklayers are bricklayers when they show up to work, while they are laying bricks and after the job is done. Accept your identity as a creative person and create.

No matter what you do or how well you do it there will be those that love your work and those that despise it. Don’t base your identity on what others think about you or on a competitive sense of what you think you should be able to do compared to others. Don’t shortchange yourself by doubting your work or your capacity to be successful in your endeavors. Stay in the creative mindset and be the best you that you can be and become the “Me that you want to see“.