Priorities- what are they? The most important things that you do? The most important things that you think about? The most important things that you’re supposed to do? THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU OUGHT TO DO BUT FOR WHATEVER REASON HAVEN’T GOTTEN DONE YET????
I often find myself trying to find the time in the day to get all of the stuff done that I need to get done (for myself and my business) as well as eat, sleep, bathe, pay bills and spend time with my wife and kids. Since I’m a self-employed musician the schedule and structure that I live by is my own (or should be hypothetically) but the reality is that sometimes not having an office to go to or a location (other than home) to work at or out of makes it difficult to carve that productive time out of the day. Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean that I’m not working or don’t have work to do. That’s easy to say with 3 kids in the house!
I’ve found myself spending time at cafe’s like Panera Bread (St. Louis Bread Co. here) trying to find time and space to focus on at least the logistical work that I need to do to maintain my business without too much interruption. I’ve decided, however that in order for me to be able to spend the amount of quality time and energy on my business and craft I’m going to need to find myself some space outside of our home to set up my studio and office so that I can be more productive with my work AND more present and relaxed at home with my family.
I’m sure that Breadco is still going to be providing me with some tasty snacks but based on past experience I believe that setting up shop outside my home is going to really help me to not only get more stuff done better but really help me to become more successful in my business as well as happier at home. What do you think?