Plant Seeds Where They Will Grow

Plant Seeds Where They Will Grow

I have been working on raising my game as an artist, entertainer and businessman this year (2015). I am finding that though I work every day on making progress with my playing, marketing, etc. what I seem to be a little weak on is my vision for what my life looks like and how and where to project myself. I read and watch a variety of sources of information and inspiration every day and yesterday I saw something that caught my attention. Are you moving or progressing? In other words are your actions actually helping you to make progress in life or are you just spinning your wheels feeling like you’re making progress just because you’re doing something?

Not all actions are created equal. There are many brilliant people that struggle to get attention. There are also many not-so-talented people that get more attention than they probably deserve. So why is it that being good, talented, hard-working or whathaveyou is often not enough to catapult one into higher realms of achievement? Based on my own experience I believe that part of the issue is not only the quality of our work but the way and places that it is presented.

For instance I regularly post, interact and promote on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have for a number of years. My Facebook profile page is mostly my friends and has shrunk a bit in light of avoiding the controversial banter regarding politics and so forth. However, most of my FB “friends” are people I know, many musicians and so forth. When I post stuff there about my music it is often met with a deafening silence much to my surprise and dismay. You would think that fellow artists, family and friends would be the most supportive of your efforts. The fact is that may not be the case. (might I add that due to the nature of Facebook business pages it can be tough to get attention and gain followers without paying for views)

Though I have been on Twitter for many years I have yet to get any traction there. I have to admit that I don’t get it. Still a work in progress.

Now Instagram is a different story. I have seen a steady increase in traffic with my Instagram account as well as benefiting from being shared by other users on a number of occasions which significantly boosted my followers in a short amount of time. The thing is that I will post a pic or video to Instagram and share it on Twitter and Facebook as well and when I may get a few dozen “likes” on an Instagram post the same post will yield little or no recognition on Facebook or Twitter. It would seem that for whatever reason Instagram is a more fertile ground for me to share my music than Facebook or Twitter by a significant margin.

I am starting to realize that in order to successfully build a fanbase for your product or brand you often need to look outside your regular circles and seek out new eyes and ears that may be more interested in what you are doing. The apathy or silence that you may be receiving regarding your music, product or service may be less a comment on how good it is and more of an issue with the people who are seeing it. Testing different approaches and venues for promoting yourself can not only be fruitful but eye-opening. If you have been doing the same stuff and not making progress in expanding your customer/ fan base then maybe it’s time to seek out some more fertile ground.