Motivation for the masses

Bills, laundry, sleep, eat, shower, shave, kids, holidays. Oh the things that can get in the way of productivity but must nonetheless be addressed on a daily basis. These factors can really slow down a musician (entrepreneur) who lacks an outside structure to give them specific daily tasks and schedules. How do we overcome these natural obstacles to being productive?

The best answers that I’ve been able to come up with are Time Management and Prioritization. But what if you make lists, schedules, charts, checks, numbers, flags, reminders and whatehaveyou but you’re still not getting things done? Are you having a motivation crisis? Getting things done is not just about making time and knowing what to do- it’s actually more about getting things done in whatever way that serves your personality style. So that would suggest that breaking down different personality styles and what motivates them to take action and stay on task might help someone to find an approach that best suits their natural way of doing things.

Without an internalized sense of having goals and being willing and able to do the work to achieve those goals we are just “floating”. How many of you are caught up in a day-to-day routine that is keeping you from making progress in your life? What we do every day is what adds up to be the sum total of our lives. What are you actually doing to help yourself to make progress?

I admit that now being in my 40’s my habits have run off the track a bit and I’m trying to reassess my goals and reignite my inspiration and motivation to achieve those goals. Stephen Covey writes about the concept of “putting your ladder on the right house” in his 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. I have worked long and hard to achieve a variety of goals over the years. Some have been successful- others disappointing. I’m hoping to gain wisdom from reflecting on my past efforts and results so that my future endeavors have a better chance for success.

In my teaching I have identified what I call the “Circle of Inspiration” in which I identify the process of inspiration to fruition of an idea or concept. I believe that there are several steps in achieving goals and in order to make consistent progress we require fuel- inspiration. Our ideas should be exciting and we should regularly remind ourselves of why we do what we do to help keep us motivated to keep doing the regular work required to make progress towards achieving our goals.

So maybe it seems like I’m wandering a bit but how do we break out of the ineffective habits that prevent us from making the progress that we’re seeking? Regardless of your personality style something inspires you. Do you want to lose weight or get in better shape? Why? I posit that without inspiration it’s really hard to get and stay motivated. What is your fuel?