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In this blog section I talk about the gear that I’m using and how it works for me. Manufacturers can feel free to send me bass gear to review as I perform and record often and I’m always looking for new and better sounds.

At the moment my main bass rig consists of an Ampeg SVT-4 Pro amplifier, an Eden 1-15 cab and an Ampeg 4-10 cab. The only floor “effect” that I’m using regularly at the moment is a Boss TU-2 tuner.

My Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V

Kingvegas : November 18, 2013 1:30 pm : Kingvegas Gear Reviews, Kingvegas' Musical Adventures
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My main bass for the last year and change has been the awesome and affordable Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V (5-string). Though I have a number of other instruments that are a bit more pricey and possess features like active electronics, snazzy hardware and so forth I really wanted a bass that I could play for rock and pop gigs that was comfy, looked nice and wasn’t too intimidating to the average musician or fan. Oh- and I wanted it to sound good, too.

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