Do Today What You Should Have Done Yesterday

Do you ever wake up and instantly feel the stress of an upcoming deadline and think “I should have prepared more”? Do you look in the mirror and say “I need to get some exercise”? Do you step on the scale and say “I shouldn’t have eaten so much yesterday”?

What if you lived today so that you wouldn’t have regrets tomorrow? Put in the extra effort to prepare for that performance. Push away from the table. Go for a walk. Head to the gym. Clean the garage. Organize your bills. Think about what you are going to wish that you did today when you wake up tomorrow because you can only progress in life from doing the work today. Putting it off until a tomorrow that never comes simply means that we get stuck where we are.

imageIt’s ironic that we sometimes avoid addressing the issues that are most important to us and find anything else to do instead. We make excuses as to why we didn’t make the necessary effort or just give up on ourselves. I think it’s often less a case of “fear of failure” (or success) and more often a lack of desire to make the extra effort to be successful. You could say laziness but maybe a lack of desire, inspiration and motivation is more the issue.
In my own experience my thoughts, ideas and goals often don’t get addressed while they’re just in my head- I need to feel them in my gut. Exercise, practice, study etc. need to become a natural part of our day and our new “normal”.

Part of making changes and making progress is resetting our expectations for ourselves daily. It means that the work that we did yesterday actually makes us different people. We become healthier, stronger, faster, smarter and just better every day and it becomes a natural way of living. We can learn to live our lives making progress from day to day instead of living a static, unproductive or even regressive life. We can learn to live a life without regret in which we always did our best. We can make doing the necessary work today a daily habit.

So what are you going to be glad that you did today when you wake up tomorrow? Make today your priority and just do it!