Are You Creative or Just Thoughtful?

Are You Creative or Just Thoughtful?

Are you a daydreamer? Maybe you have lots of great ideas that never come to fruition? Perhaps you have a hard time “putting wheels on your vehicle”?

It’s easy to get caught up in the habits of “regular” daily life. Paying rent. Keeping the lights on. Keeping the house clean. Spending time with family and friends. These are all important activities but are you living your dream or someone else’s? If you are employed by someone else you are helping someone else to realize and perpetuate *their* creation. Their business. Their vision. Are you pursuing your own as well?

thinking johnAll the things that we use including our clothing, toiletries, plumbing, electrical devices, automobiles and so forth were all *created* by someone. Then they were built by someone. Many more people manufacture things than create things and without the creators there wouldn’t be anything to build. All our creations started as ideas in someone’s mind. These ideas were then transferred to actual plans and physical actions to manifest these ideas into the real world. Some ideas end up benefiting millions and even billions of people through their use, manufacturing, sale and so forth.

Creators literally change the world around them by bringing their visions to fruition. They take action and make their ideas a reality. If you are *thinking* about things that you could do you are being thoughtful– not creative. You haven’t taken the next step yet and done the physical work to transfer your ideas to the real world. What can we do to bring more of our ideas to fruition?

The first step is to write down your idea. Draw it, describe it, write about it, etc. Flesh out what you think it should be, how it should work, who it would benefit, etc.

The next step is to figure out how to make it a concrete reality. Make a plan. Do you need to further educate yourself as to how to make this idea happen? Do you need to find partners or hire people that are more knowledgeable and/or skilled in certain fields to help you to realize your vision? Is there a monetary budget involved? Do you need funding? Would there be a timeline? These are all great questions when you are making your plan. Write them down. Keep your plans and thoughts organized and readily accessible.

Once you have all the information and resources identified it’s time to take concrete action. Stay organized and focused on the process of creation. You also need to stay flexible because circumstances often change and we need to be able to adjust our plans to help us to realize our goals. Do your best to have good daily habits in order to achieve your goal of creation in a timely manner. Taking an idea from your mind and bringing it to fruition can often take a lot of time and effort. It works better if we are consistent in our daily efforts to move towards our goal. If you can devote an hour a day to working on your creation do your best to spend an hour every day that you can in the pursuit of success. Those hours add up and over time they will end up being the path to your goal.

So turn your dreams into reality by writing down your vision, creating a concrete plan to achieve it and acting on it until you are finished. Don’t allow fear to hold you back or prevent you from finishing. Most successful (and creative) people “fail” many times in their lives. The trick is to learn from those failures and use that wisdom to make your next effort better than the previous ones. Unfinished projects and ideas not acted upon can take up your time but won’t end up making an impact on the world. Put some wheels on your vehicle and take it out for a spin!