The Circle of Success

The Circle of Success

As a teacher and as a student I’ve often reflected on what energies move us to take action, to stay on task and to attain goals. I’ve often referred to a theory that I call the “Circle of Success”.  I believe that there’s a cycle of energy wherein forces feed one another driving us towards taking action and maintaining effort. Our success then feeds our confidence and intellect to inspire us to push ourselves further and in other directions.

Here are the factors involved in the Circle of Success:

  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Motivation
  • Action
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Completion

Inspiration is the influence that motivates us to conjure, receive, concoct (or whatever your belief system may be regarding where our ideas come from) ideas. Experiences that spark our creativity.

Ideas are the thoughts, plans and visions that we concoct, channel or whatever in our minds. Ideas are just pictures and words in our heads until action is taken.

Motivation is deciding to take an internal idea and make it into an external reality. The desire to take Action.

Action is the the actual act of writing down plans, gathering tools, assistance, funds, skills, etc. and doing the physical work to turn an idea into a reality.

Focus is the desire to not only do things but to do them correctly and without distraction.

Discipline is that energy that motivates us to take action whether we “feel” like it or not. This is the factor that drives us to see our plan through to its fruition.

Completion is the finishing and realization of our idea. Completion often inspires us to take on other goals, pursue ideas, stoke our passions, build confidence and help us to achieve other goals.

I believe that this cycle is the key to living a fulfilling, creative and successful life. It can be difficult sometimes to bring our ideas to fruition or sometimes we’re not really sure what we would like to do to begin with. Finding your place on the the circle of success and perhaps going back a step can help to ignite purpose in either seeking or completing goals. Give it a try!!!

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