Breakfast to Start the Day (Day 2)

Breakfast to Start the Day (Day 2)


This is the second day of my journey to improve my health and I think I’ll start at the beginning- breakfast.

I’m a big fan of the chocolate chip muffie from St. Louis Bread Company but it’s probably not the healthiest way to start the day. Part of my daily routine has been to get out of the house for a little while first thing in the morning and do some web work while eating a little snack for breakfast.

As a professional musician I don’t have an office or worksite to go to so I often use a cafe or restaurant as a makeshift office. The problem is that the food choices are not always the healthiest (or cheapest) options out there. My new routine will involve eating a healthy breakfast at home then perhaps heading out to sip some tea and do some work if I would like to.

I have an internet hotspot so I can actually work wherever I can get a cell connection and get access to an electrical outlet. This expands my dining options from the typical cafe to most anywhere I would like to sit. I intend to experiment with taking my work to the park and doing some improvements to my home to create comfortable workspaces inside and outside, too.

I enjoy healthy breakfast foods like oatmeal and granola so I have them available in the pantry. I enjoy some plain yogurt and honey in my yogurt but I like my oatmeal plain with a little butter. I will set out some fruits including bananas, apples and oranges which will also work as healthy snacks.

This seems like a pretty simple change to my daily routine but I believe it will help me to be healthier, lose some weight and save a little money, too.
It’s breakfast time!!!