Assume That You Can Do It

If you have a dream, a goal or some kind of idea doesn’t it just make sense to ASSUME THAT YOU CAN DO IT? If you are aware that many, many people with fewer advantages and opportunities than you have accomplished great things then you will realize that we are all “only human” and we all possess GREAT POTENTIAL!

Often the only difference between success and failure is simply having faith in the universe and ourselves. Don’t allow the demons of doubt and fear to prevent you from pursuing your life with passion and enthusiasm!

There is no substitute for sound planning, discipline and persistence but if you don’t believe in yourself you will never even make it out of the gate!

So if you have an idea, a dream or a well-formed goal Assume That It Is Possible and do everything that you can think of to get there. Only stop to rest- never to doubt. Doubt is only the devil in your head trying to prevent you from fulfilling your potential. Don’t ever allow anything but death to stop you! You CAN do it!!!